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Amera Saleh 12:15

Harry Alimo 12:30

Hannah Prentice 12:45

Davanté Dunkley 13:15

Ryan Sinclair 14:45

I know this isn't a youtube. When Ryan Sinclair’s brother narrowly escaped death after being shot in a brutal gangland assault he knew only one way to deal with his trauma. He was aged just ten at the time and he put pen to paper so he could deal with his emotions – on a poem.

Read this beautiful review from Amazon.

Sinclair writes in a poetic beat the rhythms that flow through us all: love, anger, anxiety, positivity, etc. Through this conversational writing between three high school friends reconnecting in adulthood, we realize the importance of being real, even if we look and act differently than who we once were. There is no shame in accepting one another in love... we are all on a journey, and often a mess of emotion. Sinclair reminds us of our humanity and our need for one another.

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