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Disco tea party

Adam Carver - Disco tea party commissioned especially for Bearwood Street Festival 9th June.

The Disco Afternoon Tea is a highly interactive community building performance project which mixes the traditional afternoon tea with the glitz and high camp fun of the disco. Think french fancies but with SEQUINS!!

Audiences are invited to sit at our GOLDEN table and enjoy an afternoon tea like no other, with facilitated tea-party games, live cabaret performances, and a disco soundtrack.

Suitable for all ages, Disco Afternoon Tea is built to challenge perceptions of queerness in public spaces and bring communities together through the medium of cake and disco. It’s Victoria Wood’s Dinnerladies meets studio 54, Hi-de-Hi meets Boogie Nights meets Phoenix Nights.

Disco Afternoon Tea has been commissioned for Bearwood Street Festival (June 2019), with support from Arts Council, England.

Adam Carver is a theatre-maker, creative producer, and designer and trained in Directing, specialising in queer performance, at the University of Birmingham after graduating from Royal Holloway, University of London. He is currently the producer and programmer for Birmingham’s SHOUT Festival of Queer Arts and Culture no less! A word from Adam: "I believe in the re-prioritisation of midlands perspectives within national queer discourse and decentralisation of queer narratives. I am in the process of rediscovering my Birmingham accent, and fervently support the use of the word BAB"

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