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And so to the END CREDITS!!

Matt Crockford Photography

Sally really hates a fuss, so I'll keep this bit short: You did a wonderful job of bringing us all together Sally. 9th June was a proud day for the Bearwood Community.

A Thank you Letter from Sally Taylor Bearwood Street Festival Organiser:

Our wonderful volunteers did an AMAZING job on the day, and we've had such fantastic support from local businesses - more on them in the coming days. For now, please turn your attention to the pre-fest organisers, all of whom worked very long hours on the day too!

The Bearwood Street Festival has been possible because a huge number of Bearwoodians dedicated time and efforts - sometimes gargantuan! - to it. I and the rest of the We Are Bearwood committee felt absolutely privileged to be part of such an incredible team of people and I'm going to attempt to list them all* here. Some of the work is loads of fun and some of it is dead boring but it all got done and made the festival what it was!

In no particular order, as it's ALL important!

Infrastructure & logistics - led by Fiona Pitt, with Peta Murphy, Brendan Woulfe, Marian Hills, David Feiven, @Mike Allen

Treasurer - Fiona Pitt (leading infrastructure AND sorting the money can you believe the size of that job?)

Arts and performers - led and pretty much solely delivered by Marian Hills - commissioning, contracting, liaising with artists, sorting workshops. With commissioning help from Annabel Evans, Frances Land, Fiona Pitt.

Ken Harrison Photography

Volunteer recruitment, care & management - Annie Hulbert

Street decoration - Marian Hills, Ann Baldaro, Emily Thacker, Nejla Karakus-Gibbons, local school children and many, many people who attended workshops and took on extra sewing duties!

Matt Crockford Photography

Matt Crockford Photography

Children's areas - Young Explorers and Inclusive Explorers - @Laura Bee, Leonie Hart, Diljit Sandhu @Paul Murphy, Emily Tite, MotherShip Projects, Spinsonic Circus, Go Play Sandwell, Sonya Butterfield, Rachel Nolan, Warley Baptist Community

Street Food - Jennie Sandford, Jo Capper, Bearwood Pantry

Stalls - @Sarah Eaton and Fiona Pitt

Signage - Brendan Woulfe & family!

Design - Tom Bennett Design, Marta Kochanek-Gibson

Unique Love Photo

Communications & Social Media - Sarah-Ann Cromwell, Emily Thacker, @Madeline Arnold-Richards, Oliver Arnold-Richards, @Jessica Stede, Lizzie Palmer, Jennie Sandford, Dorothy Parkes and more who I've totally lost track of!

Ken Harrison Photography

Music & all 3 stages infrastructure - Bearwood Shuffle, @Matt Taylor, Esther Titchen, Ken Harrison Photography, Jo-ann Lloyd, Simon O'Connell, Louise Wilkes, Janet Thomas, Craig Goodall Unique Love Photo

Project Management, admin and many random-but-vital jobs - Lizzie Palmer, Marta Kochanek-Gibson, Dani Wa, Annie Hulbert, David Feiven

Funding - @Kat Willets, Lizzie Palmer.

Evaluation - Éadaoin Ilten

Business & sponsors liaison - @Mike Allen, Annabel Evans, Tracy Mason Hypnotherapy Birmingham, Lizzie Palmer.

Unique Love Photo

YOU, working with our volunteers, funders, sponsors, supporters, and of course the support of our families, made THIS happen:

Photo credits: Ken Harrison Photography Artists featured: Spectra (Theatre), Adam Carver (Disco Tea Party), Infamous Arts (Thrones), Werewolf Workshop (Art Wall)

Facebook Thanks & Posts from:

Simi Johl: Declan Westwood one of the marshalls. Well Done

Tagging myself Simi Johl, I helped with putting signs on the stalls at Artisan Market and pointing people to their stalls.

Hannah Girling: Don’t forget Bearwood Chapel letting volunteers use the community cafe as a base! X

Paul Murphy I Loved being involved!

Marian Hills Bearwood Chapel are getting their own separate post, we couldn't have managed without you, Dave and the trustees being so supportive throughout and letting us be in the cafe and use of the passageway, not to mention letting Spectra use the chapel

Sally Taylor : Marian Hills, Hannah Girling yes! The list is endless of venues and supporters and sponsors in addition to the organisers, how lucky we are in Bearwood.

Brendan Woulfe: Gareth Hawkins - “yeah I can spare 10 mins” then ends up working for 6 hours in the morning and 3 hours graft is in the evening.

Volunteer Selfies:


Go Play Sandwell

Laura Bee & Emily Tite


Warley Baptiste Church

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