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Bearwood Tapestry TWO

So many people are enjoying creating the first tapestry that We Are Bearwood together with Bearwood Community Hub have decided to make a second tapestry. 


We invite you to draw and stitch your own picture of: 


  • A flower no bigger than 4 inches across or

  • A bird no bigger than 5 inches tall

  • Each flower or bird should be in different shades of the one colour with a little black, white green or yellow for example:

  • Leaves and Insects are welcome.

  • Embellishments with beads or sequins etc are welcome

  • Material size 9 inches.


We would like your embroidery to inspire conversation, laughter and story sharing from Bearwood’s wonderful diverse community so create from the heart, wherever in the world that may be.

shades of blue bird
shades of red flower
green bug
Yellow flower

Fabric and some threads are available from Bear Bookshop however once they are gone, they are gone!

Threads can be bought from the Bearwood Indoor Market.

In July We Are Bearwood will stitch the panels together to form a rainbow of flowers, leaves, birds and tiny bugs. 

Drop your completed panels to Jenny at Bear Bookshop, Bearwood High Street

To take part please e mail:

Subject Bearwood Tapestry TWO

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